Optimize any Element of your Site

Hundreds of Applications

  • Optimize content such as CTAs, Images and Promotion Pods

  • Serve complex tests such as product ordering and power data driven strategies such as Discounts & Pricing

  • Even optimize your own algorithms!

As simple as adding one line of code to your site

LET Our Algorithms do the Data Science

Optimize Continuously

  • The Incisively Optimization Engine uses advanced machine learning algorithms to deliver the best possible results

  • Automatically adjusts to changing market and customer conditions

Sit back and let Incisively do the complex maths

Capture more upside,

Optimize from Day 1 

  • No need to wait for lengthy AB tests to reach conclusions to start optimizing
  • Optimize for revenue, margin or other goal metrics using True-Value
  • No confusing statistics to worry about

Innovate faster to deliver more margin